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Motorcycle 400 – 600 Cat A2 Licence

The Motorcycle Category A2 licence was updated by the 3rd European directive on the 19/1/13 and allows riders aged 19 and over to train and take the test on a larger bike between (25 – 35kw 33 – 47bhp) which allows you to ride motorcycles up to 47bhp as a full motorcycle licence holder.

Progressive Access European Directive 19/1/2013

Riders aged 19 who pass the motorcycle Cat A2 test will be eligible to take part in the progressive access scheme, which will allow them after two years aged 21 to train and take the Cat A motorcycle test. The Category A test must be taken on a bike of at least (595cc 40kW 53.3bhp) Once passed, they will be able to ride bikes of unlimited power. If you take the progressive access route you will not have to re-sit your CBT or Theory, test prior to the test.


The training programme will ensure that you are well prepared for the motorcycle module one test, tuition will be included during daily training to ensure that you are fully aware of the module one test course and exercises. Training will take place off road in a safe environment.

Practical on road training

The training programme will ensure that you are well prepared for the motorcycle module two test, covering a variety of roads and traffic conditions. Time will be spend on rider awareness, anticipation, planning, defensive riding, machine control, moving off, observation, meeting and dealing with other road users, overtaking, hazards, riding in traffic, and riding on the open road.

Practical on road test

The motorcycle test will last for approximately 35 minutes and will cover riding in town and more open roads including dual carriageway. On test the examiner will be in radio contact with you and follow on a motorcycle. During the test you will be required to complete an uphill start, angle start and 2-3 normal stops along the route.

The Category A2 practical test on the road is similar to the A1 and A test, although variations for speed, size, position, and forward planning will play an important part in the test preparation. We have a selection of training bikes for you to use. If you wish to use your own motorcycle for the test it must be fully insured, taxed and have L Plates fitted.

Training courses

The training day is 5.5 hours including breaks.

All training is conduced 1:1 or 2:1 maximum.

The following courses of training are available:

a. Lessons in hourly packages over a period of time

b. 1 day training over a set period of weeks

c. 3,4,5 or 6 day intensive course, split in two sections

d. Individual training package to suit you

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Booking your test

Practical test can be booked online at www.direct.gov.uk/drivingtest or by calling the DSA on 0300 200 1122. If training with us we can book the test for you alternatively call us we may have test dates already booked. Intensive training with us the test fee is included in the price. You will only be able to book a practical test if you have a Theory pass certificate.

Full details of the course contents will be sent with your booking confirmation

*Remember* Motorcycle Theory Test this must be passed before you take the practical test


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