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Attending Compulsory Basic Training is required by law before taking to the road and is also a fantastic introduction to motorcycling. The course leading to the award of the CBT certificate covers the following:

The Basics

  • Aim of the CBT course
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Safety
  • Eyesight check (reading of number plate from 20.5m)

Introduction to machine controls

  • Motorcycle controls
  • Basic maintenance
  • Take the bike on and off the stand and walking with the bike
  • Starting and stopping the engine

On site training

  • Practicing manoevres
  • Building skills and confidence

Roadcraft talk

  • Highway code
  • Defensive riding, anticipating the actions of other road users
  • Weather conditions and varying road surfaces
  • Awareness of being seen on the road / How to make yourself seen
  • Legal Requirements for riding on the road
  • Identify and deal with hazards.

On road training

  • Out on the road with the instructor closely advising
  • Experience of varying road and traffic conditions
  • Complete a U-turn and Emergency Stop


Provided you have reached a satisfactory level of competence, a certificate of completion of approved training will be issued and you may now ride on the road with "L" plates. If you do not reach the required standard within the training session, extra tuition will be arranged.

What You Need To Bring With You For Your CBT

  • Your driving licence.
  • Glasses if worn.
  • Motorcycle Helmet and clothing if owned. If you need clothing, helmet or any other gear let us know before the day and we will supply you with it, at no extra cost.
  • Snack to eat or drink.

CBT Site Location

We have two CBT sites, one is located at Woodhill House, Westburn Road Aberdeen AB16 5GB, and the other at our premises at Lower Bodachra, Whitestripes Road Aberdeen AB21 7AP.

Woodhill House CBT Location

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