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What Training is The Best Option


Like most training courses in life intensive training is the easiest and best way to learn to ride a motorcycle, from day 1 you will be focused on motorcycling both in theory and in practice, to ride a bike is all about being at one with the bike, it becomes part of you, as you improve on your skills and control you will feel more confident, and more at ease which will show in your riding. The motorcycle test is taken in two modules at separate times, module 1 is control skills, module 2 is road riding skills.

Motorcyclist when they ride give off a lot of body language and a rider with a relaxed free flowing method to his riding is easily recognized as being at one with his bike, this is one of the main reasons the intensive learning method is chosen by most riders because it delivers effective results.

6 Day Course

No prior knowledge of biking, good knowledge of the highway code, (Day 1 CBT, Days 2,3,4,5,6 On-road Training, Module 1 + 2 Test)

5 Day Course

New to motorbiking or have ridden a bike in the past, good knowledge of the highway code or theory test passed (Day 1 CBT, Days 2,3,4,5 On-road Training, Module 1 + 2 Test)

4 Day Course

CBT completed,or needing renewed, theory test passed, 125cc road rider, bike riding previously and have good control of the bike, (Days 1,2,3,4  On-road Training, Module 1 + 2 Test)

3 Day Course

CBT completed, theory test passed, 125cc regular road rider or off road rider and have good bike control, or upgrading to A or A2 licence, (Days 1,2,3 On-road Training Module 1 + 2 Test)


Available for 125cc or continuation training or upgrading through Progressive Access.

Regardless of the training option you choose you can rest assured that the training you receive will be of the highest quality, we never train in groups all training is conducted 1:1 or 2:1 MAXIMUM.


How long does the course last? The course is very much driven by you the client, we will start by booking you in for a minimum of one day, usually for the CBT, it may take longer or you may need to break it down into flexible training modules

Will this make it more expensive to learn to ride? Getting the right training from the start of your riding career will make you safer and doesn’t have to cost more. Some riders may find they need more training, others may learn more quickly

Do I have to provide my own bike gear? No, we have a good selection of bike gear for use by students on course.

Do you provide bike gear? Yes all bike gear is available at the school, helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, trousers.

Do I need to pass my theory test before booking a DAS course? Yes, book your theory test online at



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